You don’t have to be a school or college group to create a lighthouse link. Friends groups, charities, youth centres and places of worship can also take part.

You may know of a lighthouse that has a specific link to Chance Glass engineering. If you would like to make friends and share your stories sending them a friendship certificate is a great place to start. Connecting with your chosen lighthouse friends through social media can enable you to share your stories and heritage.

Use our lighthouse links google map to see if there are any lighthouses that you wish to pair up with. Feel free to look through the schools resources; they hold information about lighthouses and Chance Glass in general. Our partner, the Chance Glass Heritage Trust, issue a free newsletter that will keep you in touch with new developments on the Chance Glassworks site.

If you do make a lighthouse link, have any queries, or are struggling to find a particular lighthouse please let us know on our contact page at


An example of a Bournville College Lighthouse certificate.  A downloadable template is supplied below which you may insert your own logos and text.

Download the template here: Lighthouse-template-cert.psd