About Lighthouse Links

This programme intends to continue pairing individuals, groups and schools with lighthouses across the globe and their corresponding communities.

Holly Lodge Secondary School kicked off the programme with a group of year seven students. These young people were concerned about the future of the site so they chose to help in a campaign to save the Chance Glass Works site from a planning application to continue a rubbish sorting and skip hire operations. Holly Lodge extended their friendship by sending certificates to lighthouses such as Bidston, near Liverpool and Kinnaird Lighthouse in Scotland, both of which have Chance Glass optics.

The project has proved particularly successful at Bournville College where it has been integrated into Level 2 and 3 Textile Art & Design disciplines as part of the curriculum. Fifty students visited Nash Point lighthouse and learnt about their significance, not only as a landmark, but their role in maritime safety and navigation. Bournville College have forged their official friendship with Nash Point, Wales; South Solitary Island New South Wales, Australia and Low Point Lighthouse in Canada.

If you would like to make a lighthouse link of your own, take a look at our lighthouse map and go to the School and College resource area where you will find a range of downloadable learning materials. These learning materials are suitable for Year 7s and level 2 and level three students. With a bit of imagination these resources can be incorporated into many areas of the curriculum from history to geography, and science to art.



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