BBC WM Sunny and Shay intrview Nanette and Gerry 6/2/2017

Chance Brothers: A beacon of hope for the Black Country

Sunny and Shay interview Nita Newman about ‘Everybody’s Story’ on BBC Radio WM. (Jan 19th 2017)

A five-minute snapshot of ‘Everybody’s Story’ a project about Chance Brothers Glass Works in Smethwick and funded by Heritage Lottery.

The image shown in the film is a draft of the new website which will replace this blog site. The map is not a definitive or accurate guide. Over the years the site changed dramatically, they key on the left is taken from the memories of ex Chance worker Mr Arthur East who worked at the factory between 1945 to 1956.

Maatsuyke Island Lighthouse. NSW Australia.

Fascinating Film kindly supplied by NFSA (National Film & Sound Archive) Australia.

Video clip synopsis – Three lighthouse keepers and their families are the only residents on remote and windswept Maatsuyke Island, off the south-west coast of Tasmania.
Year of production – 1949
Duration – 2min 16sec

BBC Film Inside Out- Chance Brothers.

Chance Glass replica of the ‘Golden Hind.’ Thanks to Mark Davies for sharing this footage.

A film about South Solitary Island, Australia

See the film here.

Friends of South Solitary Island can be found on Facebook here

History West Midlands Podcasts

See the link below for full details and let Ray Drury’s story speak for itself.
To hear Ray Drury’s Story click here.
Smethwick-born Ray Drury, formerly Chief Engineer, discusses his personal experiences with Graham Fisher.

This is a History West Midlands production.

Toby Chance’s Story

In this podcast, Toby Chance – author of ‘Lighthouses: The Race to Illuminate the World’ – tells broadcaster Graham Fisher, how the business rose to prominence and eventually declined.

This is a History West Midlands production.

History West Midlands (Film)

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